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Master Programming Paradigms and Coding Problems

  • Wondering how to cover all of geeksforgeeks or leetcode questions in a month?

  • Scared of competing your batchmates or other colleagues?


=>  Don't worry, we are here for you guys. EdScouts train students and employees in mastering the most asked programming paradigms and coding problems to pace up the Interview and Coding preparation.​

We have our own organised structure for mastering most asked coding paradigms and problems. Our trainers being IIT alumni are the best in their own respective fields.


We can pace your preparation so that you outpace others!

1. Data Structures and Programming paradigms:
  Array, Sorting, Binary Search, Hashing, Stack, Queue, Deque, Recursion and Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Linked List, Trees, Graph, String, bit manipulation, Trie, Segment Tree

2. Programming problems:   
(Most asked programming problems)
  - Understanding what the problem says, building logic for the solution using the best paradigm, time and space complexity analysis of the solution, Code walk through of the algorithm.


  • LIVE Interactive online Lectures by IIT alumni

  • Doubt sessions

  • Coding Contests

  • Focus on every individual's progress

  • Classroom discussion forum

  • Strong Student-Instructor ties

  • Lecture Recordings( in case you missed LIVE)*

  • Access to EdScouts alumni network and Community discussions

DURATION: 2 months (60 hours LIVE training)

Time: 9- 10:30 pm (Monday- Friday)

Employee Plan - 16000/-

Student Plan (Discounted) -  11000/-

Contact us for details of NEXT BATCH.

Crack Coding rounds and interviews of FAANG and other product based companies!



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